Thursday, September 13, 2007

And Do I Hear Eights And Nines?

By the end of this saga, I will be so pumped full of steroids I may end up with pecs the size of kegs.

Or becoming a race horse.

Yes, our friendly doctor-man used my behind as a pincushion yet again today. That makes two shots and one oral prescription of the 'roids. Barry Bonds and I have more in common than I thought, and I don't even like baseball.

As for the fears, his sage advice was "When you hear hooves, think horses - not zebras."


Apparently he felt the breeze as that one shot over my head, so he explained that I shouldn't think the worst, just look at it as what it presented itself to be.

Who, ME? Think the WORST??

So tomorrow I go to get a chest x-ray, just to be safe and to put my mind at ease. And because he knows how paranoid I am.

And I do have poison ivy. Ugh.

Thank goodness I'm already on steroids to help out with that, huh?


Susanne said...

Poison ivy. Yuck. Sounds like your doc is taking good care of you.

HeyJules said...

That doc is a very wise man. Not as cute as MY doc, but still...