Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ready, Set, Set, Set, Set....

courtesy UnHerd 

I have this problem.

It pervades all of the areas of my life, from writing to cleaning the house.

I just don't know where to START.

I can sit and look at the house and think about what needs to be done ALL DAY LONG, but when it actually comes to doing something?  Well, I tend to sit and look at the house and think about what needs to be done some more.

Unfortunately, Hubster is too much like me in this regard.

Yes, the bathrooms need to be updated.  Tile is falling off of the walls, there's black mold developing, grout is worn away, and the sinks were original to the house, circa 1957.  Clearly something has to be done, and soon.

I got estimates from two different contractors, and then we looked at them.  We bemoaned how much it would cost on our limited income.  We said we could do some of it ourselves, lowering the cost. We agreed it would be best not to go for expensive, but serviceable. 

And we looked at it some more.

And we looked.

And we looked.

And then, just for grins, we looked some more.

In the meantime, no matter how much we prayed over them, the bathrooms weren't being healed.

"We'll wait for The Girl to move into her apartment," we said. "We'll wait for The Boy to go off to the university to live.  THEN we'll redo the bathrooms," we said.

Like as not, they will fall down around our ears before they are ever begun.

Such are the lives of procrastinators.

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Susanne said...

I totally hear ya! I tend to get like deer in headlights when I have to make choices and there is just too much to choose from. Like color. Oh how I hate picking color. I can endlessly debate, choose, change my mind, fret. It totally puts things on hold. Maybe it's my way of procrastinating?