Friday, October 10, 2014

No Soup for YOU!

I decided to try to make my own hot-and-sour soup, similar to the one you get in your average Chinese restaurant.

Like, you know, the one that serves Chapped Eyeballs?

But seriously...

I went to the grocery store in search of dried day lilies, dried wood ears, and dried shitakes.  The first grocery store didn't carry dried anything, so I went to the high-priced grocery store down the road.  And by high-priced, I mean I would have to take out a second mortgage on the house to actually shop there on a regular basis.

Much to my surprise, it seems I will have to take out a second mortgage just to buy the dried mushrooms and day lilies.  This soup would need to be renamed Soup of Many Dollars.

In addition, the recipe calls for black vinegar.  If I don't have black vinegar, it suggests I use balsamic vinegar instead.  I have neither.

Then there's the tofu. Don't get me started on the tofu...

Hubster won't eat anything he hasn't eaten before.  He also won't eat anything he can't readily identify.  He doesn't like mushrooms, bamboo shoots, or some of the other ingredients, and he doesn't like anything that is too spicy.

I figure I'll be safe to leave out most everything he doesn't like, add noodles and substitute chicken for the pork.

Of course, then I'll end up with chicken noodle soup....which will suit him and the rest of the family just fine.


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Linds said...

I can heartily recommend the balsamic vinegar, without witch we would nor survive at all. Especially in the summer. The rest? My son would opt for eyeballs first. The only adventurous ones are my daughter and moi.