Friday, August 29, 2014

Write Now...

You know, writing a blog post is pressure-filled.

I have, I feel, a certain expectation to uphold...a mark to hit.  Whenever I write, I seem to write for the expectation instead of writing for the sheer pleasure of writing.  I become wordless under the weight of the responsibility.

Do you have that problem?

I have an upcoming story to write that will be put into the handout on Sunday morning.  I forced myself to sign up for it, knowing the fear I have of failure.  I had hoped that if I was forced to do it, the right story would develop and verbose verbiage would veritably fly from my fingers to the page.

But right now?  I got nuthin'.

The proverbial well is dry as a bone.

Any suggestion would be welcome...even coveted!  How do I get moving again???

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