Monday, May 12, 2014

Of May and a Myriad of Other Things

Oh my's MAY.

Time flies when you're having fun.

Yesterday was El Dia de la Madre (or should that be LA Dia ...)  The Boy, The Girl and Hubster went to church with me, then prepared a lovely steak dinner, complete with fresh asparagus.

(NOTE:  There will be fresh asparagus in Heaven.  And it will be grilled with a little olive oil and sprinkled with salt.  And you won't have to share it with anyone.)

Church was especially moving for me yesterday.  Our associate pastor spoke about dreams, and how we deal with it when they're broken.  There was a particularly personal drama about children dealing with the care of an elderly parent.  That started the waterworks on my part, and there was no drying me up. After the drama, three of my friends shared about the major alterations of their lives, and I continued to cry.  And just when I thought I was done, the band started in and reaffirmed just how good God is...and I started all over again.


The people and the programs and the services all connect me to God in a mighty way.

I just wish I knew when I was going to be touched so deeply, so I could at least bring along a box of Kleenex.  As it was, I dug around in my purse and found a semi-used napkin to mop up my face.

Wow.  Just...WOW.

Hoping your day was as excellent as mine!

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