Monday, February 10, 2014

Avoidance and Other Things

I have been in a state of avoidance lately.

I'm avoiding the blog, avoiding the writing, mostly because I have nothing to say. That's quite a feat for someone who has written for lo, these many years.

I'm avoiding the financial as well.  That isn't so surprising when you realize that I've managed to avoid the fiscal end of things for lo, these many years.

And I'm trying to avoid life altogether at the moment.  Mostly due to the weather (snow and frigid temps) and the RA.

The monster is making himself known in a very loud and clear way, leaving little time for anything other than listening to him and his childish outbursts.  They are attacking hands and knees and any other joints they can, and make it hard for me to think of anything else.  I am to begin Humira shots again as soon as the pharmacy gets them to me, but until then I live for my four pain pills a day.

Yoga has become a great source of relief in these days.  I find myself longing for a class when there isn't one, mainly because of the way I feel afterwards.  I came home from a class last week feeling like melted butter, and so far that seems to happen every time.  I need this right now!  DD even loaned me a yoga DVD so I could do a class on the off days.

Speaking of DD and ice and snow, she totaled her car last week.  She's fine, but the car is toast.  She'll have to find another before too long, because she's now driving her father's truck.  Gas mileage aside, it's an inconvenience.  Since the wreck wasn't her fault (she was part of a multi-car accident), the insurance isn't giving us any problems at all.

Kudos to State Farm Insurance!!!

And that's it for this neck of the woods.  Hopefully the monster will go back into hiding and life can go on.

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