Sunday, March 03, 2013

Clarabelle Doesn't Live Here Anymore

It's true.

Clarabelle, the love of my life, has moved on. 

We won't discuss the actual place she's visiting now, because parts of her may be all over...literally.

You will recall that she suffered the White Screen of Death illness some time back.  I took her to the computer doctor, but all he could do was clean out her air filter to make her more comfortable.

We all knew the end was eminent then.

Sure enough, this past week she gave up the ghost.  I'm quite sure it didn't have a thing to do with that cup of coffee I took to bed with me that mysteriously landed empty on the floor.  Surely not.

But it did seem strange that after that incident (which I'm not saying actually HAPPENED, mind you), poor old Clarabelle wouldn't boot up.

And she had this funny electrical burning type of smell...a sure sign bad things were going on.

So, what does one do with a laptop carcass?


Susanne said...

Sorry about poor Clarabelle and her demise. We have an electronic recycling at the dump that takes our poor expired electronics.

Linds said...

I wish we had one with the thing that eats all hard drives. Right now I have a cemetery for them in the back garden. They are awaiting the advent of The Hammer. Or The Drill. I want them destroyed, I tell you. And my old Faithful is coughing. Perish the thought it rolls over and dies...... like the car did. And the tumble drier. And mother's tooth. And my toaster (2 says ago). I seem to have some kind of aura which kills things.