Monday, October 22, 2012

Six Months is a Very Short Time in Some Realms

The House Saga continues...

When last we visited, the Beautiful Bungalow was within our grasp.  However, it seems as though we didn't hold tight enough, because it was sold to someone else.

This, it seemed, was to be the story of our lives.  After all, we've been house hunting for a good six months or more.  We were getting so very discouraged and so very fed up with it all we almost threw in the towel.


But then, something miraculous happened.

This, my friends, is our new Wonderful Wrental.

It is a 3-bedroom, 1 bath with dining room, kitchen, family room with fireplace, living room and garage.  It will need some work, but for the price we are paying it will be worth it!  The Inspector General went through it today and pronounced it a great buy, which cheered us to no end. 

We were worried about the roof, since you can see it has a tarp.  Come to find out that the roof is almost new, and only needs patching in a couple of areas.  The previous owners had a dog, however, which was evidenced by the smell, stained carpet and the scratches on all of the doors and some of the woodwork.  After all of the carpeting is removed we will have beautiful hardwood floors throughout the house.  And after the peeling wallpaper is removed we'll have fresh paint throughout. 

Living Room 1st View
Living Room 2nd View

Downstairs Family Room

Kitchen cabinets will be painted a fresh white, and counter tops replaced.  We'll also replace the flooring in the kitchen with tile.  Right now it's carpeted.  All of the appliances actually work, as does the heating and cooling.  The bathroom is in dire need of attention, but it's a fairly easy fix.  Bedrooms, while not overly spacious, are quite adequate.


The yard has a few mature trees in front and in back.  There is a nice patio, and a shed for lawnmowers and tools.  There are no neighbors behind as the property backs up to a side street.

We are hoping to have the house ready to rent out by January 1, 2013.

I gotta tell you, God really blessed us with this one.  After six (or more) long months of searching, it was great to finally find this house!

And now, the hard work begins.

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