Thursday, July 05, 2012

Independence Day

My extreme age and general tendency towards hermit-ism is beginning to show itself more frequently.

Independence Day was yesterday. Since it fell in the middle of the week this year, we ended up with not one, but TWO celebrations to attend.  In addition, we had a celebration at work.

I am absolutely positive that no one wants me to eat even one more baked bean.  I will not divulge the reasoning behind this, other to say that having baked beans for four out of the past six meals has certainly not contributed to the air quality in our home.


Beginning with lunch on Tuesday, I have also consumed my fair share of hamburgers.  We will be dining on chicken for the remainder of the week, or salads, or eggs, or anything except beef and beans. 

Tuesday we had a company-sponsored indoor picnic.  Tuesday evening we went to Eldest Daughter's for dinner, then the kids (including some of their parents) set off fireworks.  Wednesday we went to BIL's house to swim in their pool (the first time I've been in a pool all year), then the kids went to view fireworks while I did the sensible thing and went to bed.

Because I am an adventurous, fun-loving sort.

It's been 157 degrees for the past week, and it doesn't show signs of cooler weather for a while yet.  Due to that, I'm content to be indoors whenever possible, at least until temps come down to 80 degrees or so. 

At work we're handing out bottles of water to those walking by.  People in the neighborhood have added shoulder-towels as part of their wardrobe.  Either that, or they're wearing them under ball caps to shade themselves.  Thank goodness we still have power, unlike the eastern US.

The heat is also wearing my MIL down quite a bit.  At almost 97, she's beginning to get more frail.  It was too hot for her to get in the pool yesterday, so she ended up napping on the couch inside where it was cool.  Not a bad pastime, I'm thinking.

Happy Birthday America.  You look really good for your age!

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