Monday, June 25, 2012

Be My Squirrel, for No One Else Can End This Yearning

I am a proverbial wet hen today.  My nerves are shot.

We are in the process of seeing if we can't acquire something so that finances might move a bit better in our world, and the waiting? 


I am flat-out incapacitated, wondering what will happen next.

It reminds me of Lizzie, our miniature poodle.  During stormy weather she sticks close to me, shivering all the while, because she's afraid of thunder.  But let a squirrel run past the back door during the rain and she's off like a shot to bark at it.  The squirrel takes her mind off of everything else.

So here's my request:  WILL YOU PLEASE BE MY SQUIRREL TODAY???

Tell me about what's going on in your world.  Help me see something different.  Enlighten me about the state of the unpopulated areas in New Guinea, the rate of waterfall in Canadian provinces, the annual income of worm farmers in California, or how to make a decent cup of tea.  I will stand any and all distractions today, so the sillier the better.

Be my squirrel!

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Linds said...

I went to Bath for more appointments. It is exhausting and it hurts BUT Bath is stunning in the summer, and crowded with people, and I looked at some shops and all the flowers and the Abbey and showed my chauffeur where to go and what to do while I awaited the 2 lengthy appointments and this sentence is getting longer by the second, isn't it. AND the sun shone. And i am now resting under my apple tree in the garden after watering the "estate". And I love you to bits and I hope everything works out. Have I distracted you enough? No? There are photos of Bath on Facebk, for light relief.

Squirrel Nutkin.