Thursday, March 08, 2012

Please Send Help - And Toast

Today I am frozen in a state of procrastination.

I need to clear the ever-climbing piles of paper that clutter my otherwise pristine desk.  I need to clean out drawers.  I need to order more supplies, pay bills and generally get my act together.

But for some reason which is unfathomable to me, I cannot seem to move.

It's as if I'm stuck in the middle of a vat of molasses.  I'm paddling just enough to keep my head above the goo, all the while knowing my strength will eventually give out and I'll go under.  Rather than grab for the side of the vat so I can pull myself from the mess, I swim toward the center and certain doom.

What is it?  What keeps me from beginning?  What keeps me rusted in a state of do-nothing-ness?  Why can't I just get up and MOVE???

Please tell me before I go down for the third time.......


Linds said...

It is called Over50itis. This is when you realise that other things like drinking coffee, painting the toenails and watchign a caterpillar are an infinitely more valuable use of your time. Drawers? Bills? Pah!

Susanne said...

Chris, I totally relate! I'm in my own vat of molassess.