Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tonight, Tonight, Won't Be Just Any Night

Tonight I don't have to cook!  In and of itself that's a blessing...and sometimes I think Hubster agrees.  No new recipe to slog through, no dishes to do. 

Instead, we're taking the opportunity to have dinner with the pastor of the new church we're attending, his wife, and several other people at his home.  It's Meet the Founders night, where we learn all about how the church was started and we're able to ask any questions we have.

Hopefully this will help us integrate more into the social and ministerial part of the church.  While I think Hubster would be content to attend Sunday services unnoticed and go home, I'm more of a get-involved type of person.  He is good with people once he gets to know them, although the group thing is just not his cuppa tea.  It was a struggle while he was working to balance our two extremes.  It ended up that I went to church with the kids and he slept after working all night.  It wasn't the best solution.

Because of that, I'm hoping we can make a fresh start and make some friends here so we don't feel so much like we're on the outside looking in.  I'd really like for BOTH of us to make friends...not just me.  It would be so nice for him to be involved as well. 

But for now we'll start with dinner and be thankful for every little step.  Who knows where it could lead?

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Jennie Benke said...

So glad that you took the leap of faith to attend this dinner together! Love to hear how it went!