Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Friday we went out in search of The One True Christmas Tree.  Of course, there are at least two of them in the world, because Eldest Daughter had to pick out one as well.  Surprisingly, I was able to spy ours within the first few minutes after we rode the hay wagon up to the field where the trees were grown.  First row, next to the road, sixth one down.  Thankfully, no one else saw its innate beauty in the following forty-five minutes it took ED to pick hers out.

And I gave her SOOOOO much grief.

It was only in retribution for all the years when she and her brothers would grudgingly make the same ride up the same hill to the same field only to whine and complain as I took forty-five minutes to find just the right tree.  Her excuse was that it's DIFFERENT when it's for your own house.

Ah, the things that go around, they do indeed tend to come around again.  I can hardly wait for the time when her children are in their early teens!

In other news, if I hear, read, or otherwise absorb the word "DOORBUSTER" one more time this weekend, I am liable to whop someone upside the head with a baseball bat.  I have had more than enough of the Black Friday hype, thankyouverymuch.  And after the incidents of people being pepper-sprayed and shot and trampled while in line to get the "deals" which were advertised, you can rest assured I will continue my stance of ignoring the whole silly mess and staying home. 

(stepping down off of soap box)


I have finished purchasing Christmas gifts for all of the grandkids.  A new record for me, considering we rarely start until two weeks before Christmas.  In addition, the major gifts for the two children still at home have been bought.

Only 437 to go...

And 842 dozen Christmas cookies to bake...

And a house to decorate...

And The One True Christmas Tree to put up.

Bah.  Humbug.

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Linds said...

Love it. The going around thing especially. And i am SO impressed that you have bought so many presents, because I have bought one for Missy and that is about it. Well, apart from the multitude of aprons and runners and bunting I felt the need to make. There will be cookies here too. All providing I am here of course. That is still to be decided, pending SON'S FIRST INTERVIEW FOR A REAL LIVE JOB WITH MONEY!!!! That is on the 15th, praise the Lord. Now he just needs to get the job. They are impossible to find round here at the moment, and no-one bothers to even reply to applications.
I need some cake. Forget the hips. Can I see a photo of your new you please?????? I am SO proud of you!