Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Verbose, and Yet Not

I find myself somewhat lacking in the written word of late.

I also find that I am not alone.  Many of us who have taken to the blogging like the proverbial duck to water have, around the five to six year mark, found there is actually life on Planet Earth that may not have to be written about on a daily basis.  Or, for whatever reason, our writing ducts have suddenly gone dry.  Or we may no longer have time to deal with the blog given the way life eddies and flows, ever changing.

Twenty years ago I would not have thought myself capable of writing on a somewhat daily basis.  And yet, looking back five years ago and even more recently, that's exactly what I did.  I always wanted to be a writer of books.  God had other plans.

At least for now.

I have not given up hope, nor have I given up the pen.  My life is not what it was five years ago, much less what it was yesterday.  Things tend to come full circle given time, and so I am sure I will continue to write here, albeit on a much more sporadic basis than I did five years ago.  Perhaps I'll have time to start that book.  Maybe I'll have the urge to come up with a story.  In any case, I have certainly found and kept new friends that I cherish.

Thank you for taking this life-journey with me, wherever it may lead.


Debbie said...

yeah... but I sure have enjoyed you sharing your stories! Hope you continue to drop in occasionally!!!

Chris said...

Never haven't seen the last of me!

(and a collective groan goes up from another section of the crowd...)