Friday, November 26, 2010

The Drawers of The Boy

Don't tell anyone, because I won't admit to it if you do, but I have to share with you that The Boy has a problem with his drawers.

And by his drawers I do not mean the furniture that houses his underwear, but rather the underwear itself.

Lest you think I am speaking out of school, let me explain that I have been forced to write this post after long and hard examination of my soul and long and hard exasperation with The Boy and his clothing habits.

You see, The Boy does not believe in the Dirty Clothes Basket. Rather, he believes in the Dirty Clothes Behind The Bathroom Door. And so, when he takes a shower or changes his clothes in the bathroom, rather than picking his clothing up and putting it in the dirty clothes basket, it remains behind the door. If left to itself, the pile grows to mountainous proportions. It makes it almost impossible to enter the bathroom without grazing a hip on the doorknob, and it's more than annoying.

To try to break him of this habit I've done everything I can think of short of burning his clothing. I've tied it in knots. I've threaded legs of jeans through sleeve of shirts and sleeves of shirts through legs of underwear and knotted socks into the whole mess and left it there for him.

No progress.

I did all of the above and then wet it all down into a sodden mess in the bathtub.

No change.

I took all of his clothes and spread them out over the back yard.

No improvement.

I switched to the front yard instead.

"Mom! You put my UNDERWEAR out where everyone can SEE IT!!!"


Until tonight, that is. Tonight I found his jeans, underwear and socks behind the door again. So I threw his jeans and socks out in the front yard.

And I hung his underwear from the porch light and made sure it was turned on.

I think he got the hint. Only time will tell.


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Debbie said...


Jules K said...

I can only imagine the horror on "the boy's" face!!!

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Debbie said...

Are you ever gonna blog again????? Sure hope so!

Anonymous said...

Knock-Knock...anybody home? Sure miss you and hope you're not ill.


Michelle Anne Custodio said...

It is truly a challenge to raise a boy especially when he doesn’t listen to you. You manage to think of different ways for him not to treat his bathroom as a furniture or cabinet where he can put all his dirty stuff in. Communication is the key here and I hope you find the best way for him to follow you.