Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Bee's Got Nuthin' on This Old Bird

It has been a rather busy day.

And I mean it has been a rather busy day in the same way that Mt. Everest is a rather big hill.

That sort of busy.

Wednesday my last uncle on my mother's side passed away.

So yesterday I left work early and drove to Branson to check into a hotel. Then I drove another 45 minutes through winding roads to get to Berryville in time for the visitation. After that it was back to Branson to grab a bite to eat and get some sleep.

Today the funeral was at 10 a.m., so I got up, stopped at Starbucks, and headed back to Berryville. The only problem was that Uncle Mack's church is fairly new, so it wasn't listed in my GPS. A quick call to Sis saved the day and got me there.

The service was beautiful. From there we headed to the cemetery for the graveside service. He was laid to rest only a few feet from Mom.

I left there and made a flying trip to Green Forest to visit Dad for a few minutes, then met my cousin for lunch. After lunch we went to her hair salon and she fixed me up with highlights, a haircut, and new eyebrows. Well, ALTERED eyebrows.

From there I went to Wal-Mart and got Fall flowers to put on Mom's grave. Back to the cemetery, grave decorated, conversation with Mom. It may always be a little one-sided, but it's necessary.

Next, the trip back to Branson and some shopping at one of the outlet malls. A late dinner, then back to the hotel. Tomorrow I plan to SLEEP IN, then shop the other outlet mall before heading home.

(Note to Crocs store: Please be so kind as to actually CARRY MY SIZE in some of your shoes the next time I come to town, will you???)

(Note to All Other Stores: OUTLET STORE implies BARGAIN PRICES, none of which I saw at any of your clothing "outlet stores" today. Please rectify same before my return. K? Tks.)

(Note to Starbucks: Drive-thru needed in Branson. Having to actually GET OUT OF THE CAR and WALK INTO THE ESTABLISHMENT??? Puhleeze!!!)

(Note to Branson: Please start over from where you were when I was a child, only this time THINK AHEAD. 76 Hwy needs to be FOUR LANES, not two. I'm sure you never thought of that before. You're welcome.)


Having said all that, this old bird is flying the coop.


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