Thursday, April 22, 2010

If I Am Still Alive When That Day Comes There Will Be Cake. Lots of Cake.

And balloons. And streamers. And hats. Lots of goofy, nutty, weird hats.

I found out today that the humble abode in which we reside will be paid in full in a mere 6.23 years.

The mortgage where you pay half of the payment every two weeks instead of a full payment once a month in order to pay off the loan faster? Guess what? IT REALLY DOES WORK.

Imagine my utter surprise and glee.

Actually, we thought it would pay off in fifteen years, so it's a bit late. (AHEM. Financial wizards??? Not as smart as they think they are.) We've been here since 1997, thirteen years this summer, and if the loan doesn't pay off for another six or so it will be over four years later than originally planned. I'm wondering what went wrong where.

However, I'm not wondering long enough to keep from partying. I'll expect to see you 6.23 years from today, our house, 7 p.m. You bring the lawn chairs and we'll furnish the pit and the flame to burn that mortgage sky high.

Oh, and cake. We'll have lots of cake, too.


Linds said...

It is 9,42am and my brain can't cope with working out the EXACT day and date 6.23 years from now is. Eureka! Hallelujah!

I may have to borrow a lawn chair. It could be a little awkward to carry on the plane.

Debbie said...

I have always wondered if that really worked... and I also heard that if you pay one extra note a year, it will cut the term of your mortgage in half... so does that mean if you do the halld and half thing, AND pay one extra note a year, your 30 year loan will be reduced to a 10 y ear loan??? Hmmmm.....

Angela said...

OK - I will come, providing you come over to us 3.5 yrs after that for our celebration!!