Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Grumblings From The Dark Side

Of late I have been remiss in keeping up with y'all. I know it. I can do nothing but hang my head in utter shame and degradation over it, groveling at your proverbial feet for forgiveness.

OK, enough of that.

So it seems that lately my life has been occupied with some stuff and some junk. I told my boss today as I was explaining it all that, no offense intended, but since he came into town my life has basically taken a very wide spiral downward. That before he came I really was a well-balanced, happy person without DRAMA or a life that could equal any soap opera written. Not that it was his was just that the timing of events coincided with his arrival. And it hasn't improved much since he decided to stick around.

Somehow I don't think he took very kindly to that.

I suppose I could have said it better. Or I could have just kept my mouth shut. But we all know me better than that, now don't we?

At least he understands now why I've been hard to get along with at work lately.

In other news, tonight was the banquet for the wrestling team. And, as dutiful parents, we went.

But I gotta tell you...

This coach and I do NOT see eye to eye. Given the chance, I might be able to get a take-down on him, and if I was mad enough he might even get pinned. Because he speaks with forked tongue out of the wrong side of his mouth with both fingers crossed behind his back.

And he lies, too.

He had the audacity to lecture us as parents about supporting our sons in the great sport of wrestling, making sure they made weight, came to practice every time there was a practice, hauled their behinds to every match, tournament, and spitting contest within 150 miles. He wanted to be sure we were ONE HUNDRED PERCENT behind the program.

He also mentioned something under his breath about the boys keeping up their grades.


Now, let me tell you about the boys.

Only three Seniors made it to the end of the season. Of those three, only one had a grade point average above 3.5. Of the rest of the twenty some odd boys on the team, only four others had a grade point average of above 3.0.

A Certain Boy Who Shall Remain Unnamed has been having trouble in one of his classes. During wrestling season we insisted he attend the after-school class offered by the school to help those who were struggling.

But that coincided with wrestling practice. And the coach, he was not happy. Because as we all know, THE WRESTLING GOD IS A JEALOUS GOD. So he talked The Boy into trying to get help at another time instead.

And lo, the parental steam, it did start to arise.

And then the coach needed someone to wrestle at 125. He had plenty of 130 wrestlers, so he "suggested" that The Boy might want to think about losing some weight before the tournament the next day. Otherwise he wouldn't be able to wrestle at all. So The Boy did it. Not once, but several times. Over our objections, over our protests. Because COACH wanted it.

Manipulation at its finest.

And behold, the steam started to escape from the ears of the parental units.

So tonight when he decided to lecture us about what bad parents we were and how unsupportive we'd been throughout the last season, it was all I could do not to get up, take the quite substantial sheet cake from the table, and throw it at his little pointed head.

Especially when you consider I probably could have given birth to the twerp.

In short, I don't like this coach much. And when The Boy is done with wrestling and I finish with him, the feeling will be mutual.

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Linds said...

I applaud your restraint, my dear. I may not have been so civilised. In my experience, EVERY coach seems to think the world revolves around their sport, but when work starts being affected, I rise to new heights of stroppiness. No wonder my sons didn't like me talking to coaches. Much. At all.