Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Wheels and the Bowl

The Boy is now a fully licensed driver.

True, he passed the the test by only one point, but that one point was on the plus side.

Watch out, World.

We thought he might be a little nervous about taking his test because he came up with a bit of intestinal discomfort the morning it was due to happen. He assured us all was fine, but he just felt a little iffy.

"Ha!" we said. "Hiding your true feelings to make us think you aren't afraid, eh? Putting on the He-Man facade, eh? We understand." We winked and laughed knowingly at each other.

So I went to work and his father took him to take the test. Afterwards I received a call at work with the good news of the victory.

"You know Dad and I are going out to dinner tonight, right? I guess that means you'll have to go out and get something on your own for dinner."

"You mean DRIVE???"

He was thrilled. Until I got a call a couple of hours later.

Seems as though the intestinal problem he'd had before the test was more than just jitters. It was a full-blown stomach bug that left him in the bathroom with one end or the other facing the toilet bowl all day long. Driving anywhere was the last thing on his mind last night.

Poor baby.

So today, as he recuperates at home, we're hoping he'll feel well enough this evening to go out for a little drive...on his own.

After all, he's been looking forward to this for over sixteen years.

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