Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Cabin Fever

Life has settled into the winter doldrums. Days are ordinary, nights are long. Bedtimes are early and boredom ranks high among the pastimes of the day.

A typical day begins with arising late, wishing I could sleep longer. Then there's the decision as to whether or not I REALLY need to take a shower (yes) and wash my hair (again, yes). I get dressed, load up whatever I need for the day, kiss Hubster, and walk out the door.

You can see how exciting the day is already, eh? Got you on the edge of your seat, do I?

If I'm early enough I stop for coffee. If not, I whine about being too late to stop for coffee. I sing to whatever's on the radio as I take the same route to work, park in the same spot, unlock the door and make my way to my office. I grab my coffee cup and head for the machine downstairs. No one talks to me on the way. They know better.

So far it's a load of thrills, eh?

On the way back up my eyes are a bit clearer. Then follows five hours of work, half an hour or so of lunch, and another few hours of work before I head home. Once home I figure out what's for dinner, and while it's cooking change into my uniform for the evening.

We eat, I play on the computer, Hubster watches television, and I go to bed. Hubster follows sometime later after I'm asleep.

And then we do it all over again the next day.

This, my friends, is why I long for SPRING.

I do believe this is the worst case of cabin fever I've had in years. Maybe I should start taking up a collection to send me to Puerta Vallarta for a week, or invest in some vitamin D or light therapy or a cabana boy or something.

This, my friends, is getting ridiculous.

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Susanne said...

My sister when she was a receptionist in an accounting office, used to put a jar on her desk labelled "Send L__ to Hawaii fund" during their crazy tax season. And people actually put money into it. She never got to Hawaii though, poor thing. LOL. Hopefully you'll be out the doldrums soon.