Saturday, January 30, 2010

Shine On

A funny thing happened at the theater last night.

Yours truly, Grace Personified, took a tumble.

At the theater where I was working I have to go down one step in order to reach the least obstrusive seat in the house - the one I can escape from without too much notice after viewing the previews when I work. Only last night I actually stayed and watched a movie.

Apparently this made me lose all concept of space, time and continuom.

Because, Dear Interpeeps, as I left my seat in the theater, I forgot that I had gone DOWN a step to reach it. I strode on as if I were on flat land, falling UP and then DOWN at the rate of a boulder.

My glasses decided to ground themselves into my face at the point of impact, and flew off in a couple of different directions being as they broke when I landed. As I was trying to gather my wits about me I noticed I was dripping as well, and grabbed a napkin from my purse to cover the stab wound on my cheek left by the above-mentioned glasses, all the while assuring other patrons I was "fine, thank you...just embarrassed."

I felt my way to the bathroom, got cleaned up, found my prescription sunglasses, went to the concession stand and asked for some ice and continued on. I drove home in the dark with my sunglasses on.

Yes, I am weird.

I didn't sleep well last night and awoke with a headache, a painful cheek, and a curious swelling under my left eye. I went to the bathroom to check it out, and sure enough...

Mama's got a shiner.

A big ole black eye. Hubster said it looks as though he landed a good one on me. And as attractive as it is, I am not looking forward to going to Little Man's 5th birthday party tonight. I really don't even want to go to the optometrist to get my glasses fixed, not to mention going to work next week.

I do believe this qualifies me for Klutz of the Year so far.

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Linds said...

Ouch! Not funny for you. I can imagine the embarrassment, but hey,falling is not something we like to do. At all. You will have to go for the incognito / mysterious look for a while, but look after yourself, my friend. I don't like my friends denting themselves.