Sunday, December 06, 2009

She Will Shoot Me Dead, But It Will Be Worth It

You know, this photo was never meant to be put on a public blog, and is therefor not of the best quality pixel-wise. But unfortunately, it's the only one I can find of my dear friend Cindabel. And I just know you'd want to see her.

She's been my friend since kindergarten days with Mrs. Sharp. I used to love the smell of her hair because she use Prell shampoo and we had to use VO5. She had a big brother, while I had a little sister. She got to have a DOG at her house, and if memory serves me right it was a poodle named Fifi. She played the piano, something I always wanted to do.

And here we are, over 45 years later, still friends.

Today is her birthday. Out of respect to her I won't tell which one it is. Actually, it's out of respect to me as well, being as we're only a month apart in age.

Yes, she's the MUCH OLDER and MUCH PRETTIER one.

Happy birthday, dear friend. I hope it's as grand as you are!

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Linds said...

Happy Birthday to your friend! Old friends are really special - more so when they are actually OLDER than us!!