Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Not Too Bad For An Old Broad

My friend Lisa came to work today and took me out to lunch.

This may not seem strange to you, the average human person who goes out to lunch with your friends all the time, but it does to me. I am a Lunchtime Loner.

Add to that the fact that Lisa is 24, recently graduated from college, is Vietnamese and a newlywed, and you get yourself a dose of strange relationships equal to Mighty Mouse and Dumbo the Elephant.

Lisa is a hoot. By day she's a mild-mannered chemist at a local lab. Her husband, ten years her senior, is an engineer. He designs the stacks that are used for waste products in factories. She has three dogs, a 92-year-old grandmother, and parents that own a Japanese steakhouse and sushi bar. She works there on the weekends. She's friendly, outgoing, trusting, and a joy to be around.

And I bet you can guess where we met.

I've been eating sushi at her parents' place for the last year or so. I do it as a solo act since no one in my family likes sushi. I go on Friday nights after my part-time job, usually pretty late. Lisa's always there, and we end up having a good conversation while I eat. Lately the conversation has been about books we like to listen to on our MP3 players. We let each other know about good authors, and we trade books back and forth.

A couple of weeks ago she suggested we have lunch together, and today we did. It was totally ethnic. Imagine a Vietnamese and a pasty-white fat honky going to a Mediterranean buffet to meet up with the Mexican and Israeli cooks. All we needed were some Italian ices afterward to round out the experience.

It is amazing to me that someone less than half my age thinks I'm OK for an old hussy. It feels kind of special.

And I hope each of you get that same feeling from someone you know.

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