Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Purl By Any Other Name Would Still Be Backwards Knitting

I bit the proverbial bullet today and taught myself how to purl.

And may I just say this about that? I hate it. It's like trying to eat with your feet, only I'd probably have better luck with the latter.

Please notice how I bring eating into EACH AND EVERY POST. It's a gift, really.

The purl? It is not. I think it was invented by some woman with too much time on her hands that couldn't stand on her head and knit at the same time because people of that time would have thought her improper. Or possessed. At this point I'm leaning toward the second option, since she came up with this little wonder.

And then there are the people who decided to create various other stitches I'm learning that all have abbreviations I can't remember. So when I happen upon them in a pattern other than the one for the dishcloth/potholder that I have now MASTERED (thankyouverymuch), I have to look them up on YouTube and watch them countless times to see how they're done. And then I forget which one is which, causing me no small amount of consternation and another trip back to YouTube.

Because the Interweb is my friend.

I believe once I have mastered the knitting portion of my education on the Internet I will expand my horizons even further and learn something else new and different.

Like brain surgery or atomic molecular reconstruction.

Sounds a lot more fun than purling.

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