Thursday, October 08, 2009

Blind as a Bat and Cain't See Besides

I've been having a little trouble lately with my eyesight.

In my little hideaway, what we call the office, I have a chair. Beside the chair is a table and beside the table is a floor lamp. Across the room is a desk. On that desk is a 13" television. My thought, when we cleaned out the room and I started using it again, was that I would be able to sit in the chair, put my feet up and play on the computer or knit (snort) or whatever and watch television at the same time.

I can watch the television all I want. I just can't see what's playing on it.

And so, unless Mawmaw wants to go back into the living room and be subjected to Kourtney and Khloe, Rob and Big, WWF and Dog the Bounty Hunter on the larger screen, Mawmaw can do one or more of several things.
  1. I can listen to the music stations...if I can find them.
  2. I can stretch the cords across the room and put the television on my lap. However, this pretty much negates any other work I would want to do.
  3. I can give up the easy chair and go back to the desk chair.
  4. I can buy a bigger television.
  5. I can get new glasses.

Of the above, the last two options seem the most likely. However, if it went the way it did the last time I will get my eyes examined, grumble about how much worse my eyesight is and the cost of new glasses, and then go home - forgetting to purchase said eyewear. And then I'll forget to file the insurance forms to get reimbursed for the exam and the glasses I didn't purchase.

Or I can buy a bigger television. Much less trouble, lasts much longer, provides much more entertainment value. But I have an eye test coming up next year for my driver's license. Televisions don't help out much with that. I mean, they rarely cooperate with you at the driver's license office when you ask them to put the test up on the "big screen" so you can see it better.

In fact, they may even frown a little. I've seen it happen.

At least I think I have.

Or I could do both. But there again, Christmas is coming and the folks hereabouts have taken to liking the fact of getting a gift or two other than socks. In good years they may get underwear as well, but if I go this route we may have to knock everyone back down to a piece of hard candy and an orange.

But wouldn't it be nice to see the joy on their faces as they watched me enjoying my new television?

Oh well, it was worth a try....

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