Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No Reservations

Homecoming is September 26th.

We went to pick up "the dress" last night. The dress that The Girl had picked out without me there. The dress that clung and gapped in all the wrong places. The dress that SCREAMED at me with ALL THE TIGER STRIPES.

Lions and TIGER STRIPES and bears! OH MY!

I quickly found places that bunched up where they weren't supposed to, and places that gapped where they weren't supposed to and pointed them out to The Girl without mentioning the places that clung like second skin. She hadn't noticed them before and agreed the sheen was off of the tiger, so to speak.

And I breathed a mighty sigh of relief.

I chose a couple of dresses for her to try on. The first she declined due to the print. But the second? The second, although too low cut for my taste, looked gorgeous on her in every other way. She agreed. She was even excited about it. And I was VERY excited, not only because I was saving $50 over the Tiger Tiger Burning Bright dress, but because she actually liked the alternative. So we purchased the newer/better version and headed home.

On the way home we discussed another idea she'd come up with for the dance. She wanted me to cook dinner for her group of twelve and have Hubster and The Boy dress up as waiters to serve. We'd set up tables with candlelight, flowers, soft music, etc., and give them their choice of entrees. The kids would pay for the cost of the meal, but they'd be able to enjoy themselves without worrying about tipping, how long they stayed or anything else.

In theory, a wonderful idea.

Until, that is, she called her friends to discuss it.

And found out that instead of twelve people, there were now TWENTY-TWO.

Now, I don't really have a problem cooking for twenty-two people. I do it almost every Thanksgiving. Usually I cook for over thirty.


We don't really have the space for "intimate" seating for twenty-two. Unless they'd like to eat out on the patio, and even then it would be tight.

Not to mention the bugs.

So we're in negotiations now. I'll let you know how things turn out. Until then we're hoping they opt for ribs and beer at a bar down the pike.

Oh not really.

They'd be too dressed up for the ribs.

With love from Chez Chris.

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Anonymous said...

What a good Mom you are... I wouldn't mind the cooking at all... what I would mind is having to clean up after 22 kids!!!!! Good luck and let us know how it all turns out!