Friday, September 04, 2009

In Which Wii Join The World Of Technology

Pseudo-Daughter brought her Wii over for us to try out about two months ago.

It's still here.

I think we're going to claim squatters' rights soon. In the meantime, I got a wild hair and bought a Wii Fit to go with it. Because, as we all know, I am All About the Exercise.


However, stranger things have happened.

I have really BECOME All About the Exercise, because the Wii Fit? IT IS FUN.

I know, the two or three of you who read this already have a Wii Fit and have discovered this fact already. But trust me, this is NEWS in our family.

I am taken with the Step Aerobics. Who'da thought it? I have the top score in both the Step AND the ADVANCED Step at this point. (You may OOOOO and AAAHHHH now.) Of course, it's probably because no one else likes it the way I do and they haven't bothered to challenge me. I have also done my share of FALLING OFF OF THE BOARD whenever there is a change in the step because I am graceful and light on my feet that way. Honestly, I do well enough to remember which foot is which without them changing up steps on me all the time.

And Interpeeps? Hold on to your collective hats, because this girlfriend of yours has actually been RUNNING. Granted it's running in place, and granted it's the beginner run for now, but running it is. The Girl gets a kick out of seeing me run. She even made a video of it showing me from behind on her phone, but it somehow got deleted.

And that's a darn shame, that is.

I don't think she's ever seen me run in her lifetime, come to think of it. And she's almost eighteen.

Not only are there aerobic games to play, but there's Kill Me Now And Get It Over With Yoga as well. Only they just call it Yoga. It doesn't have the chanting and the visualizations and the Yin and the Yang and all that. It's just your basic yoga positions that I will never ever master in my entire lifetime or that of generations to come.

There are reasons for this. One is that I have no sense of balance whatsoever. In school I remember falling off of the balance beam more than I was on it, nearly failing the GYM class.
Who have you ever heard of that failed a PHYSICAL EDUCATION class? I mean, really. It was embarrassing.

And it is now.

I can't balance on one foot to save the nation or anyone else. I have a hard enough time balancing on two feet, what with the enormous appendage called my behind on the backside and the huge-osity of the frontal chest-type area. You'd think they'd balance each other out, but when it comes to side-to-side balance it doesn't matter a whit. I'm sunk.

And so, for balance-challenged people like me they also have balancing games. I think I don't need to tell you that I'm still on the beginner level on those. And I have been far surpassed by not only the children, but the children's friends. As a matter of fact, one friend in particular refused to leave our house until he had beaten everyone's score on a couple of the balance games. He's bunking out in the back yard now, but we've drawn the line at a campfire.

I haven't done any of the strength games yet. Basically because they aren't games, and I don't like what I saw The Boy do when he did that portion. I'm just fine with ignoring it for the time being. I'm just happy with what I've accomplished so far.

How long will it be fun? How long will I continue?

Let's wait and Sii.


Linds said...

Hysterical! I tried the Wii when I was in Bath,and they WANTED ME TO SKI DOWN A SLALOM COURSE. The idiots. AND that **** machine KNOWS YOUR WEIGHT. Say no more. It actually says it OUT LOUD. Groan.

Seriously, they use the Wii in loads of rehab programmes, old age homes and I need one too. You will be the first to hear when that eventuality happens.

Anonymous said...

I am still laughing about this!!! I've thought about getting one of these things just for the exercise program... but that takes too much effort and I think I'll just live vicariously through your adventures with it! Laughing burns lots of calories, right????