Friday, August 14, 2009

Stuff Of An Unimportant Nature

Tonight was one of those nights when I was kept running around from one theater to another to another. It was a good night for the part-time job.

It was also a good night to get a couple of pairs of pants to replace the sadly worn and recently trashed pair. The slacks I like are over half off on clearance, so I got a brown AND a black pair. I wanted a navy pair as well, but they were out of that color in my size.

After scoring an additional three t-shirts for Hubster for less than $20, I called it a good night and treated myself to sushi before the last two theaters I had to check. And it was Some Kind of Heaven right there in the sushi place. I do love me some super-white tuna on rice. Add a little pickled ginger, some soy sauce and a little wasabi and the angels sing on golden beams of light.

Tomorrow is Saturday, blessed Saturday. I can sleep late, I can meet Sis for coffee, and I can either take it easy, work on the house, or a combination of both. We shall see what the morrow brings.

Maybe even a warm cinnamon roll from Panera....

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