Saturday, July 11, 2009

Night Vision

The yard has become a jungle.

There are creatures living in the recesses of the unknown, unchartered bush. It's alive with vines, grasses, and things which shall remain unnamed.

All this in the matter of a week.

The Boy promised to mow today. He told me that if I would just wait until the heat of the day passed he would mow. He said he'd jump right on it just as soon as it wasn't so hot. That I wouldn't have to mention it to him again if I'd just let it slide until the temperature outside went down.

The Boy speaks with forked tongue.

It is now after 9 p.m. It is DARK outside. Fifteen minutes ago, after playing Pseudo Daughter's Wii all afternoon and evening, Hubster mentioned to The Boy that the yard still needed to be mowed. Being as our lawnmower does not come equipped with headlights, he wondered when The Boy was planning on getting that done?

The Boy asked if he could use a portable spotlight Hubster has. Being as our lawnmower does not come equipped with a cigarette lighter to power the spotlight, Hubster declined.

The Boy is now mowing the grass in the dark.

I can only guess at what wonders we will behold when day breaks tomorrow.

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