Sunday, June 28, 2009

Extended Stay Is More Than Just A Hotel Chain

After a small episode of coughing and breathing frenzy yesterday, Her Highness the Most High Lung Doctress has decided to keep me incarcerated for yet another day.

My joy knows no bounds.

Meds have been kept pretty much the same, but now I'm walking the halls. Since the Taj Mahal is a small hospital, a trip from here to the cafeteria and back only takes a few minutes. I lapped the hall once, went to the gift shop, and if I get ambitious later on I'll do it all again in one fell swoop.

Because I am nothing if not a daring sort.

The Girl was kind enough to bring me coffee today, along with an orange scone. She also got a couple of scones for herself, seeing as she does love an orange scone...or two. Thankfully she's got the metabolism to handle them. Not so, I. She is now watching television and trying to nap on the couch in my room as I type.

I hear from her that the humidity may have broken outside, which could mean I'll actually be able to venture forth one day into the actual out of doors and still breathe. Which would be helpful.

And so the boredom sets in. Same old same old from Hospital Central.

But rest assured if anything happens you'll be at least the fourth or fifth to know.

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