Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Because I'm Genetically Predispositioned to Crazy

Have I told you lately that I adore having a laptop?

Last night I had to finish up a job I was doing for an west coast company. It involved going to a local movie theater to check on some things for them, then reporting back via the Interweb. Because I had time to kill before I had to be there, I decided to stop at the Panera just down the street to finish off some paperwork before I got to the theater.

In case you don't know, Panera = FREE WIFI = Eat there OFTEN.

Plus, they have a killer chopped Cobb salad that is to die for.

(The last sentence may have been a bit heavy on death and dying in comparison to the goodness of food. In fact, it may even have been a bit redundant. Because, you know, the KILLER salad made me DIE to eat it.)

(I don't have enough brain cells or desire to take that any further. Discuss it amongst yourselves. Essays are due tomorrow.)

At any rate, I purchased my huge iced tea (instead of my chopped Cobb salad, being as I was all broke and everything until payday), sat down next to another geek with another laptop and computed happily away for about an hour.

It was sad.

Then cometh the dawn of today.

I believe in recycling things, especially huge plastic cups with lids that say "Panera" and lemon slices. I fill the cups up with ice and water and use them the rest of the day. And the next day. Today was no different.

Except today I brought Clarabelle to work with me. And she needed to be walked. Or aired. Or used. Whatever. So we took a field trip to the Panera that is close to work.

Because I think I've mentioned it? Panera = FREE WIFI.

I parked just outside my friendly Panera with my salad from Wendy's (because the chopped Cobb salad? Although to die for, it is Expensive.) and my Panera cup of iced water and played on the Interweb as I ate my lunch in my car.

Oh hush.

It was perfectly respectable.

I had my Panera cup with me at all times should I be questioned. I didn't bring contraband salad into Panera. So what if people stared at me while I was eating in the car? I just smiled and waved my Panera cup at them, then computed on.

I honestly believe I was actually helping the universe out in some small way by recycling my cup in the way I did. It's All About Being Green with me, you know.

Never mind that I had a plastic plate of salad and a plastic fork and plastic salad dressing, almond and rice noodle containers to dispose of, nor that I ran the air conditioner the whole time I was parked.

Gimme a break. It was HOT. And I don't think I need to repeat that MOMMA DON'T DO HOT.

Don't worry. You can't catch crazy from a blog.

It's in the genes.

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Anonymous said...

You need to write a book... you really do!!! :-)