Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Scarecrow Cometh

It is here.

The device which promises to rid me of squirrels of the rodent variety is hooked up and working, vigilantly keeping guard over my tomato plants. And not a minute too soon, I might add. The little rabbits/squirrels/wandering-tomato-plant-eaters have already been at it. One of my plants is now in TICU due to ferocious nibbling by an Unknown Perpetrator.

We set it up last night after the grandkids left. It was getting dark by then so we turned on the outside lights. We assembled the Scarecrow and hooked it up to the water hose, then took some time fine-tuning the motion detector as well as the three-second spray of water and how far it would go.

And I came away from said process looking similar to a drowned hippo in a blue t-shirt. Sexy as all get-out. Truly. The Boy didn't fare much better, but being 36 years and change younger than me and quite a bit more agile he managed to dodge the spray pretty well.

We've got it set to where it won't harm pedestrians (including the mailman), not that a little shower would bother them anyway on a hot day. It would probably just scare them into throwing the mail and having a minor heart attack on the driveway. No biggie.

The main thing is that it gives the loud and clear signal to the rabbits and squirrels: LEAVE THE TOMATO PLANTS BE!!!

Updates and film at 11.

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