Friday, May 08, 2009

Never Wear Sweatpants On An 80-Degree Day

The air conditioning here at work is on the fritz.

Oh, we knew it way back last fall. But since we are a not-for-profit type of organization, we just didn't have the money to put into fixing something we didn't need until it got hot again.

Guess what? It got hot again.

The temps on the upper floors of the building were around 85 degrees yesterday. It's about 80 in my office now.

Being the type that watches the weather forecast like a HAWK, I took the time to query Mr. Weatherman himself, Hubster, as to what the temps were likely to be today before I left home for the office.

"I think it's supposed to be pretty cool," says he.

So I, in my infinite wisdom, donned fleece pants (it's Casual Day) and a short-sleeved shirt.

"Ha!" thought I, "I am prepared for the temps whatever they may be!"

Unless the temps decide to boil up into the Bowels of Hell territory, as they have today. Oh, the upper half is doing fairly well. But the lower half is suffering from extreme steam heat.

Now, lower-half steam on a skinny person is bad enough, but on me, Tilly The Two-Ton Teamster, it's downright UGLY. And I can't close the doors to my office and strip down to unmentionables, because...EEEEWWWWWWW. And the bathroom is as hot as my office.

So here's my solution: I'm going home. And I'm sending my people home as well. It's almost quitting time anyway. We'll all be back Monday with sundresses and mint juleps and plenty of baby powder and Ban deodorant.

Although, come to think of it, the sundresses might look better on the two maintenance guys than the rest of us combined.

I may or may not have mentioned it about 53 times in the last few posts, but MOMMA DON'T DO HOT.

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SingingOwl said...

We should switch places. It was a cool 59 here today and HOT sounds fab to me...sigh. Still waiting for the trees to all be green, and for when I can actually put my sweaters away for a while.