Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Lurve Is A Very 'Spensive Thang

Interpeeps, in case I haven't mentioned it before, let me tell you now.

The Boy is in LURVE.

It's been four months, seven hours, forty-two minutes, thirteen seconds of heart-pounding bliss for him so far. He is needed. He is the male animal in a real RELATIONSHIP with an honest-to-goodness female-type person that worships the ground upon which he walks.

That is, when they aren't fighting.

And today is her birthday. So for her birthday my prince of a son decided he was going to get her the most spectacular, stupendous, wondermous gift he could think to get her...a 10 mp digital camera.

This little piece of finery set him back over $100. One hundred dollars of hard-earned yard mowing money. He even placed his own desires on hold to buy this for her, because Interpeeps?


No questions asked. No season pass to Worlds of Fun for him - not yet. No new X-Box 360 - that's put on hold.

I'm thinking about breaking into "When A Man Loves A Woman" here, but I'll spare you.

As his father and I joked to each other, we'll be lucky to get one of those little dogs with the bobbing heads for our birthdays. We just don't rate anymore.

And I guess that's how it should be.


Linds said...

Young love...........what can I say! She is a lucky young lady. I can't remember being that young - oh wait - I think I gave my love of the moment my SISTER'S guitar one year. She didn't know until it was gone. I am still living that one down.

SingingOwl said...

Hey, thanks for your comment over at my place. As for what inspired the new look...well...the first thing was being asked (once again) if I was my best buddy's mother. Just one too many times! Second, my whole life is changing. Since I resigned the church and am seeking direction, I decided I needed a change. And third, this last couple of years have been so sad, so difficult, so full of loss that I was feeling old and tired. SO the only thing I could think of that would be a quick change was the hair. Never been a blonde before. :-) Started out life as a very dark brunette, and then went to salt and pepper in my 20s! So started coloring it and kept on for decades, till I finallyt grew my hair out about 5 years ago. And to my shock it was WHITE, and then I didn't want to think about coloring it because the growing-out process was so bad. So I compromised. Blonde it is. For now. Might go to medium brown later. We shall see.

And I have been thinking so much about you the last few days. I know how deeply you miss your mom--different than me because I was losing her over a period of years. Still, I feel guilty every time I use something that was hers. Stupid, I know. I miss her, and thinking of the first Mother's Day has been pretty heart wrenching. I'll be keeping you in prayer, dear Chris. (((HUGS)))