Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Where There Is Comfort, Work Ceases

The furniture is in place. The television is hooked up.

And it seems as though all work has stopped for the time being on the living room.

I was afraid of that.

Oh, it isn't all Hubster's fault. I'm falling down on the job as well. I still need to get the area rug, the window coverings, the things to hang on the walls to make it more homey. He still has trim pieces to nail in, shelves to varnish, paint to touch up, wiring to do.

But it's just so nice to SIT and do NOTHING.

Of course, the office is full of furniture that needs to be hauled to Mom's for the sale. There's sheetrock dust an inch thick over every other object in every other part of the house. Neither the telephone nor the answering machine in the living room is hooked up yet, so we play Rock, Paper, Scissors every time the phone rings to see who has to get up to answer it.

We are a sad lot, we are.

But oh, it is so very nice to actually HAVE a place to sit and do nothing after so long without!

And if I can ever make up my mind on window treatments, rugs and other decor, I might actually let you see it.



SingingOwl said...

:-) You'll get there.

Bold Rugs said...

You have describe your home decoration well....but if you know about rugs, I have to say my favorite place for area rugs is boldrugs...that's our business!