Saturday, March 14, 2009

A View From The Hallway For Julie and Linds

The Hallway, going upstairs. Please note the wallpaper.

The entryway. Please note the wallpaper.

Looking into the livingroom from the entryway. Please note the wallpaper.

I do believe this is evidence. Proof. It is completed. Done. And you won't catch me near it again for the next ten years, because it took almost that long to finish it.

So there.



Linds said...

I am well impressed! Yay for Chris, wallpaperer extrordinaire! I hate the wretched stuff. I never did understand WHY you can't just slop the goo on the walls and then slap the paper up. Sigh. This is why I have NO wallpaper in my house anymore!
It looks beautiful!

HeyJules said...

It does look beautiful! You better watch out or you're going to end up having to invite me over some time...

Mary said...

Well, I am not Julie and I am not Linds - still - the front door was open so I just popped right in. I think it looks very nice. Well done.

Susanne said...

Nice job. You've been busy!