Friday, March 13, 2009

An Update on That Which Is Driving Me Crazy

It's really not so much that the whole remodeling business is causing me to become one with my inner psychotic self. Truly it isn't. The livingroom update is actually going quite well, as you can see by the photos.

It's just that it's been ELEVEN DAYS NOW. ELEVEN WHOLE DAYS.

The furniture was supposed to have been delivered last Monday.

I still have not decided on a paint color.

The bookshelf/entertainment center has been completed but still has to be stained, varnished and installed.

There is no mantel for the fireplace.

We now have to paint the ceiling in the kitchen as well as the livingroom since we disposed of the hateful spindles between the kitchen and the livingroom.

We have not even begun to think about the floors.

At this rate we should be able to take delivery on the furniture sometime in 2017.

And for some reason my head jerks to the right every few seconds.

On a brighter note, I have already picked out the color for the ceiling...

1 comment:

Linds said...

If you are doing the painting, I would slap an undercoat or 2 on now and then try out some colours to see what looks good with the actual light in the room. That will eliminate some. I get the head twitching bit! Coffee, my dear.