Sunday, February 22, 2009

Insomnia Is Not My Friend

I have been in bed since 9:30 p.m.

It is now almost 11:30 p.m.

I have been through a hot shower, two relaxation MP3s, one sleeping pill and one pain pill. None have worked. Hubster is snoring contentedly, and has been since the middle of Relaxation MP3 #1.

I didn't stay up to see the Oscars. I wasn't all strung out about finally finishing the wallpaper. I didn't take a nap today. I'm not upset about anything, worried about anything, excited about anything, or dreading anything. I'm not going over plans in my head to save the world from certain destruction in case of nuclear attack or a bad case of gastrointestinal upset.

I just can't sleep.

So I'm down here at Old Faithful, writing away to let you know of my troubles. And while I wait for the Sandman to come, I'm enjoying a glass of Yago to pass the time as I watch a bit of HGTV.
HGTV has prompted us to begin on the next home-remodeling projects around here. (1) A re-do of the kids' bathroom, since the wallpaper is falling off of the walls at an alarming rate. And (2) removing the dated panelling in the living room and replacing it with sheetrock and paint. Then Hubster wants to tear up the carpeting and refinish the hardwood floors underneath.

This should be interesting.

I'm thinking the bathroom will be a piece o' cake compared to the rest of it. The Girl and I will have control over what goes on there, but given it's covered in 75% beige tile, there won't be all that much to do. Some paint here, some towels there, some knick knacks another place, and we'll be good.

It's the boys I worry about.

So, Cutie and her family are coming in tomorrow evening to celebrate her birthday. She's THREE this year, and doesn't hesitate to let you know. We're off to see the big hairy rodent who serves pizza and I'm sure we'll all have a wonderful time. From there their family goes to Disneyworld for a week..

Better they than me. I come from a long line of those who try to get out of going to amusement parks whenever possible. It's a noble profession.

And now, my friends, I believe the sleeping potion is finally working. I'm off to slumber sweetly after another short shot of Yago. I can only hope the MP3 player has charged sufficiently to allow my evening serenade to begin once again.

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Mary said...

I passed it by my doctor the other day that I had not slept for three nights. His response? He reckons that we (those at my age) don't need as much sleep as we crave - huh? Then he said - "you've got to sleep eventually, so go home and read this printout on things to help you sleep when you have insomnia". I just love his style - not! However, believe it or not,it was so boring it did the trick.

I can email you the info if you think it would help ;)