Thursday, January 29, 2009

Attack of the Satellite

Day 2 of satellite television.

I am holed up in the office, refusing to come out until Hubster STEPS AWAY FROM THE REMOTE. We're in a crisis situation here, and we may have to call in the Intervention Team shortly.

I fear for minds of the male inhabitants of my home.

The Boy is blockaded in the master bedroom with another television and satellite receiver. I know this because I saw him go in there yesterday. HE NEVER CAME OUT.

Me? I'm sitting here at the desk with another television and receiver, only mine isn't even turned on.

The male gene pool is flawed, my friends. Terribly flawed.

But at least they're leaving my computer alone.


Carol @SheLives said...

Satellite? Huh! We have AppleTV now. I haven't seen my family since Christmas.

Oh, for the simple days of satellite.

I just don't get it.

HeyJules said...

Hey, you be sure and let me know how you like satellite TV after our spring storms. I keep wanting to make the jump but everyone tells me not to. You are my new official guinea pig...