Monday, December 29, 2008

Attack Of The Electronic Gizmos

I have been in computer hell today.

I came into work, booted up, and immediately couldn't do anything. No connections to the email program. No connection to the internet. No connection to the outside world as we know it.

The twitching started.

The computer guru came downstairs and said something about having to call a distant land to find out what was wrong. Or it might be a bad switch. He wasn't sure.

The twitching spread and increased in vigor.

The distant land was having telephone trouble. All of their land lines were inoperable for some reason, so the guru couldn't reach them. When asked what I was supposed to do all day, how I was supposed to "work" without a computer, the guru's answer was, "I'd go home if I were you. No one else in the building is having this problem."

The bottle of Xanax came out. Shortly before the baseball bat.

I asked for a loaner laptop and was granted one. Thankfully, it works. However, the type is not as big as the type on my desktop, so I find myself squinting as I report these happenings to you. My only hope is that I can, indeed, survive the day without this little gem breaking down as well.

Because today?

It's not easy being me.

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