Thursday, October 02, 2008

One Down, One To Go, And A Must-Have Kitchen Tool

Tomorrow is a momentous day. Tomorrow, one of our cars pays off.

While I am jumping for joy at the prospect, we still have another 16 months to go before we're car-debt free. And forgive me for being the least bit pessimistic, but folks?

The other shoe ain't dropped yet.

We've had a run of financial attacks here that would fell mightier oaks than us in normal circumstances, not to mention the emotional and physical challenges we've faced this past year. And they aren't over yet.

But we're starting to be able to laugh about them. Just.

For instance, when the microwave gave out, Hubster brought out a counter top model he had at a house he was remodeling. Since we had no room on the counter top, it's been sitting on a chair in the dining room. It's served us well in that we haven't had to do without one, but lately it's developed a few little quirks.

Like not turning ON when you press the button that says ON.

We have to smack it several times with a large serving spoon before it will take heed and obey the call. After that it straightens up and microwaves right. We can always tell when someone is heating something up, though, because the whacking sound reverberates throughout the house.

That is, if you're doing it right.

When it finally gives up the ghost we'll see if there's enough saved up in the kitty to purchase a replacement. One that fits over the stove as it is supposed to do. One that will probably last just about as long as it takes to install it.

So we'll get rid of the counter top model.

But we're keeping the spoon....just in case.

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Linds said...

Wonderful! What a relief!

I have also got a microwave from a friend, and it is a real life-saver! I do believe the spoon should be mounted on the wall in a special frame.