Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Fourth Was A Fizzle, So I'm Taking The Fifth

I decided to have a night alone last night to celebrate my Independence.

The Boy and Hubster went off to Eldest Girl's home in the country, where The Boy was able to shoot off his plethora of pyrotechnics. This is the night he waits for the entire year, and the night I semi-dread due to All The Booming, so I was happy to be in my solitude.

In the quiet.



I wrote for a while, read for a while, and relaxed. I ate fresh green beans cooked with ham, onions and new potatoes. I played computer games. Then, long about 10:30 p.m. I did what every red-blooded American who is celebrating their freedom does on a night such as this.

I went to Wal-Mart.

Ostensibly, it was to purchase an easy-to-don undergarment for Mom. However, seeing as they had none which would provide adequate support for the cause, so to speak, I purchased a new printer instead.

Oh hush.

I can write it off as a business expense. For my part-time job. Because I use it once a week. And my other printer was dead.

Oh, just HUSH.

Besides, I bought bread and milk that we needed as well. So that justifies the trip, right?

C'MON, here. Give me a LITTLE slack, will you? A gal's gotta celebrate in her own way.

Which brings us to today.

My good friend Linds has been such a great support the past few weeks blog-wise. I'd been thinking about doing something a little special for her. So today, while she was reclining on her sofa with an ice pack on her injured knee, I made an overseas call.

Her son David answered, and when I asked to speak with Linds I heard him say "Some American on the phone for you, Mum."

The next thing I knew, the most honey-smooth, soft-as-silk, British accent filled my ears, and Linds and I spent the next fifteen minutes chatting away as only old friends can do. Email is one thing, but hearing someone's voice is absolutely the best! I honestly felt as though we'd known each other for a very long time. She's so warm and sweet, and if you haven't yet had the chance to read her and catch a glimpse of life in England, please do so. She has wonderful stories to tell.

And Linds? Please let me know at least a month in advance before you win the lottery and make your grand tour of the States. I'll need that long to shovel out the house.... :>) Get well soon!


Linds said...

I am still sitting here grinning.... what a great surprise! And I TOTALLY think going to Wal-mart on Independence Day at 10.30pm for bread and milk and buying a printer is justified. What else would one do, I ask???

You know what was hilarious? My friend's husband had just popped round to drop off the beads I am doing for their daughter's wedding next Saturday, and he was sitting across the room listening to the conversation in a bemused way. When I put the phone down, he said was that an old friend? Yes I said. Oh - I have never actually MET her.... you should have seen his face. He has never heard of blogs.

But me? I am smiling. I will be for quite a while!

zzop357 said...

I'm from over at Linds.
Very nice family blog you have here,I will be back to read more, when its not as late and I'm not as tired.
I hope you had a good 4th.We sure did.
God bless, Donna