Thursday, May 08, 2008

There May Or May Not Be A Little Friskiness Involved Later On

I went out on a date tonight. And I had a REALLY. GOOD. TIME.

Hubster and I had a coupon for one of the local eating establishments. The Girl was at work and The Boy said he'd settle for Taco Bell on our way back home, so we went out and painted the town red.

Maybe not ALL of the town, but our little corner anyway.

We haven't been out with just the two of us for a while. I think I even forgot what it was like to sit across the table and actually carry on a conversation with him that didn't have to do with bills or kids.

And let me add right here that NO POLITICS WERE DISCUSSED. Because the discussion of politics usually ends up with me raising my voice in a most unpleasant manner and then bursting into tears. Which would be why I don't ever discuss politics.

I think it's a good plan.

We talked about work, we talked about an upcoming family portrait, and we talked about the price of toilet paper ($14.62 with tax for a 12-mega roll package of Charmin at the Wal-Marts, which is ludicrous in and of itself. I mean REALLY, folks. It costs more to wipe your behind than it costs to send your kids to college nowadays. Hubster even said we were going to limit everyone to four squares per sit-down, and if that didn't do it we were going to invest in Sears catalogs and sycamore leaves. And don't EVEN get me started on the price of gasoline and dairy products....)

(realizing I'm on a tangent and need to get control)

(putting soap box away now)

(stepping AWAY from the soap box)

(regaining some modicum of composure and trying to breathe normally)

...where was I?

Ah yes, the date.

So we ate, we talked, we got to know each other a little more again. We held hands on the way out of the restaurant. We laughed about the world we left behind for a little while; the kids fighting, the worries about bills, the price of everything nowadays. We went to Wal-Mart and bought toilet paper, and to Taco Bell to get the kids something to eat.

And then we came home to reality.

The Girl complained that we hadn't got the right thing for her, that her brother got what she wanted, that the food was cold. The Boy took his food and retreated to the computer to watch illegally obtained movies on a website that has been forbidden. I changed into my sleep shirt and started to write as Hubster settled down to watch television.

Things are back to normal, only a little bit better than before.


Lauren said...

Awww, I want to hold hands and buy toilet paper with my hubby too. I just forgot that I wanted to until I read this. [Sigh] Maybe for Mother's Day. :)

Susanne said...

Those moments away, heaven. Here's hoping the memory sustains you for a while in the midst of reality! ;v)