Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Jerry Rig Is My Best Friend

We seem to be on a roll, and it has nothing to do with yeast.

First, the microwave went out. I don't know if I mentioned this lately, but the money tree I got from the mail-order house hasn't had time to bloom yet, so we're a little on the tight end of things here and unable to afford a new under-the-counter microwave to replace the one that died. Thankfully Hubster had a spare counter-top one at the House That Will Not Sell that he gutted and remodeled over two years ago that he brought home for us to use.

It's sitting on a chair in the dining room.

Because we are nothing if not klassy.

Crisis number one jerry-rigged. On to bigger and better things.

Then the computer started acting funny. And by funny I do not in any way mean that it started to tell jokes in the middle of the night or that it stood on top of the desk with a lampshade on its head. Oh no indeed.

First, all of the USB ports died. Well, they didn't die so much as they just stopped working. I can still charge my MP3 player through one of the ports, but that's about all I can do. And that only when the computer is actually ON. Not overly bad considering I can use the kids' computer for any USB-related work I need to do...under much protest from the kids.

Crisis number two jerry-rigged.

Then my computer froze up and died. Turned its toes up. Heaved its last. Black screen of death.

However, turns out the only thing it needs is a new fan, or so I think. After I turned it off and let it cool down and then turned it back on, I noticed I didn't hear a fan running. That's easy enough to fix, as soon as I can get the part and have someone talk me through it. Until then I can use the computer at work and fight off the kids to use their computer.

Crisis number three jerry-rigged.

In the meantime, posting could be light. I mean after all, I either have to post during my breaks or lunch hour here at work, or I have to fight off two teenagers in the evenings when I'm dog-tired.

In the meantime, think of me fondly, won't you?


HeyJules said...

Oh good grief! You're having to use a stove? Oh NOOOOOOO!!!!!

Bev said...

Sorry!!!!! Sometimes it just seems like instead of a nice light spring mist, it's a monsoon pouring down, doesnt it?!