Monday, March 24, 2008

The Time, How She Flies!

Oh. My. Word.

She of the Writer's Block has returned with Random Thoughts to celebrate over a week of inactive brain cells. And as those brain cells tend to fire up, I'd step back if I were you. You never can tell what might catch on fire or explode or emit noxious gaseous substances and chemical reactions of the unforeseen.

Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!

Oh, I jest. Of course, you're too young to remember a show that premiered in BLACK AND WHITE way back when there was no such thing as a COLOR TELEVISION SET, now aren't you? Silly me. Unless, of course, you happened to see the reruns on The History Channel or Nick At Night or something like that.

Believe it or not, children, I even predate CABLE TELEVISION.

Close your mouths, now. It's impolite to gawk.

So, back to the original Post of Inconsequential Things No Person On Earth Cares To Know. In no particular order:

  • Remember when I told you about getting lost in the city that was not so far, far away? The Girl had a tournament closer to home last Saturday. It was only 30 minutes away, in a city where I used to work on a regular basis. And I didn't get LOST, really, it's just that I didn't know exactly where the place was, and ended up driving five miles out of my way to get to the place where the tournament was held.

    Don't worry. I have since taken the first step every addict takes and admitted I have a problem. I have also asked my son to research a GPS unit for me.

  • The Girl's team came in 2nd place. Also, my butt is just now recovering from feeling like two 50 lb. bags of concrete that someone left out in the rain and then let dry in the sun. The facility didn't allow us to bring in our own chairs, so we ended up having to sit on bleachers for the ENTIRE DAY. I cannot explain to you in mere words the unmitigated joy I felt at being set free from THAT prison at the end of the extremely long, drawn-out, extended tournament. And did I say it was long?

  • The whole family was able to attend church together on Sunday. While that may not seem like an earth-shattering event to most, it is something to note for our clan. Hubster works nights, and it takes a supreme effort for him to stay awake long enough to drive home, much less sit through a church service. However, for some reason or another he was able to start early Saturday night, get home early Sunday morning, get some sleep, and get up in time to drive us all to church. It was both grand and gross. Wonderful, because he was there! Yucky, because he messed with our routine. :-) No stop for donuts and coffee/milk on the way, no lingering after church is over to talk with friends....he was strictly business. We'll have to work on that.

  • Look at this face. This is the face of one of the "kids" of my good friend HeyJules. Not only is HeyJules a gifted photographer and writer, but she's got a heart a mile high, wide, and deep for animals. Do me a favor and travel over to her blog, Late to Life. She has a post up there about how to help pugs just like hers find homes that are almost as loving as hers. Almost.

  • This weekend I read two entire books. TWO. DOS for our Spanish-speaking friends. Clearly I am an addictive personality. One can only wonder what on earth would happen if I were to fall into the pit of (gasp!) almond extract abuse, or even (horrors!) EXERCISE!!!! But we won't go there. And come to think of it, we haven't....not for eons.

And so, Gentle Reader, this ends yet another spine-tingling episode. Unless, of course, you were sitting at the same tournament as I was on Saturday last, then you have my empathy.

One can only hope I'll find bigger and better things with which to wow the reading public before next I write.

And all God's chillun' said, "AMEN!"


Barbie said...

Just to let you know if you are truly as directionally challenged as I am the gps won't help lol Unless I am just the only person that can get lost WITH the gps! I swear it keeps rerouting because I miss the stupid turns and then I think I made it mad because it takes me WAY out of the way;-) I just need someone to drive me around!

Singing Owl said...

My song got me a GPS for Christmas. I still have to open the package. I don't know what I'm waiting for, since I get lost all the time.

And, lady, you crack me up!

groovyoldlady said...

You might very well fall into almond extract abuse if you too had a bottle from Haiti. It si unexcelled. Sometimes, when no one is looking, I just uncap that bottle and sniff and sniff. Oh bliss.

And don't get em started on Haitian vanilla. It is heaven on earth!!

....and what's up with the word verification? Why does it insist on slamming an old lady with bifocals with 47 slanty, twisty italisized letters in totally random order? Why?

Oh, and did I type the correctly? Oh no I did NOT.

Curse you, pvtvzjw!