Friday, November 02, 2007

Day Two - Cawfee Tawk With Mrs. Numb Buns

My good friend HeyJules and I will meet bright and early (well, early for ME anyway) tomorrow morning at Panera for our monthly God-Talk and All Around Catch Up Girl Chat.

It could very well be the best idea one or both of us ever came up with ever in our whole live-long lives.

During these chats, which started about eleventy hundred months ago, we have bared our souls, healed some wounds, asked some hard questions, come up with some of the answers, and focused on how it all revolves around God and what He wants out of these old beat up women we've become.

Oh, OK. ONE old beat up woman and the other middle aged, still fairly hot and with it chick.

I'll let you figure out which one is which.

And the funny thing is, I hardly ever look at my watch. I judge the time we've spent together by how numb my behind gets. It's usually pretty accurate. After about two hours I know it's time to get up and get the blood circulating again, or risk not being able to walk out to the car. Not only can I no longer feel my buns, but I usually have to hold my legs together really tight to keep from peeing my pants because I've sat for so long not wanting to miss anything.

That's just how good the conversation is. I think you'll agree that's a pretty accurate test.

The time, it flies by. The coffee, it is so very good. The talk, it is better.

My husband, being of the male gender and all, has a very hard time wrapping his mind around all of this. He cannot understand what on earth we can talk about for two solid hours every time we meet. After all, we see each other at a Bible study on Monday nights, and we both attend the same church. Isn't that enough?

Like I said, he's a man. Men just don't get it.

So tomorrow morning I will get up out of my nice, warm bed. I will take a shower, but I will NOT wear makeup. I will join my friend for God-honoring talk...for a time of solving the problems of the world...for a cuppa cawfee.

But this time I think we'll get the PADDED seats.


HeyJules said...

I'm pretty sure the only reason of us never gets up to go use the facilities is because then there would be no good reason to ever leave the place.

Food. Drink. Talking. Fireplace. View. Sunshine. The occasional cute guy (for me to stare at longingly)...why leave? Really?

Hey, I wonder what the Guiness Book of World Records is for sitting in a Panera restaurant??? ;-)

Susanne said...

How awesome that you have a friend to do this with! That is a precious gift from God.

My hubby doesn't get it either.