Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Day Twenty - A Song For the Afflicted To Lighten The Mood

With apologies to the muscial Oliver! I present my own version, which will only serve to entertain those of you with respiratory limitations:

(To the tune of "Oom-Pah-Pah")

There's a little ditty

They're wheezin' in the city,

Especially when they're coughin'

Up their last good lung.

If you've got albuterol,

Your feelings'll be mutual

And this'll be exactly what you will want sung:

In-ha-ler! In-ha-ler!

That's how it goes,

Pred-ni-sone! Pred-ni-sone!

Ev'ryone knows:

An-ti-bi-ot-ics too, don't you suppose?

When they wheeze, cough, cough, cough, cough!


HeyJules said...

Oh, at least you found your sense of humor again. You must be feeling a LITTLE better???

groovyoldlady said...

It's bad year...AAAACK!

Your comment box scared me. I typed "bad" as bda and it underlined it in red. It is yelling at me!

DOWN< Fou7l comment box! I'll type anyway I darn well please.

Now it's mad 'cause in my excitement I mistyped "Foul".

I've never been treated this way by a comment boxx before...or....wait. I just updated my Tiger Intel iMac whatever it is. Did they install an internet spelling police. Is my own computer now BIG BROTHER?????

What was your post about?

Oh. Asthma. Of course.

It's been a bad year - I'm on Singulair and use my inhalor much more frequently than I'd like to. Asthma stinks!

That's one reason I ride my bicycle in the Trek Across Maine each summer to raise money for the American Lung association. I gasp my way to the finish line and people donate money and the ALA yells at doctors for their poor typing skills... or something like that.

Oh wow. Now I even mispelled the word verification word. I also misspelled mispelled.

I need some chocolate!

Linds said...

Good grief. I hope the comment box does not start yelling at me too.
I am assuming that you have enough puff left to sing? If so, you must be getting better! I really hope so.