Friday, September 21, 2007

A Rash Decision

I took the day off today.

It wasn't a choice I really wanted to make. It did, however, seem to be more of a necessity than not. Because, you see, my friend the doctor was missing me. I knew it in my heart, and far be it from me to keep myself from him. I mean, even though I am a happily married woman and all, there are some sacrifices you just have to make for the betterment of mankind.

And besides that, I don't know if I've mentioned this in the last, oh, forty posts or so, but...


And so off I went...AGAIN.

The diagnosis this time is that I have a secondary infection coupled with the original poison ivy/poison oak stuff. Which is why I've been chilling for no reason. Which is why the area on my arm and neck are swollen and red as fire. Which is why new spots are poppin' up all over, including my jaw on both sides, my right thigh, the backs of my just goes on and on and on.....

Because, dear children, it's in my stinkin' BLOODSTREAM.

And it seems as though I may just be highly allergic to it.

I'll just sit here and let that little bit of shockingly glaring wisdom soak in for a minute.



So, we're in for yet another round of antibiotics, and we have a backup prescription for yet more steroids in case the antibiotics don't work as well as they should. In the meantime, I have become even more of a blithering idiot than I usually am, unable to concentrate on anything other than THE ITCH! IT WON'T STOP!!! If you should, perchance, meet me on the street, (I'll be the big, swollen, red, rash-covered person with the glazed eyes who's slobbering all over herself and jabbering incoherently while scratching every known inch of skin available) take pity on me and don't expect any type of civilized conversation. What with all the drugs and the scratching and THE ITCH! OH MY LAND THE ITCHING!!! it may be hard for me to hold on to a thought for very long.

Seriously folks, this is getting to be a bit more than the average bear can bear.

Off to the drugstore...again.


Michelle said...

I am so sorry you are going through this. It seems like such a long time to be suffering, and I'm not even the one going through it. I'm sure that for you it must seem like an eternity. I just pray that the medication will begin to work right away and that you might find relief (and peace!)without delay.

Linds said...

Oh Chris... it sounds diabolical.I really hope these prescriptions work. Go back on Monday if they don't. Has your mail arrived yet?

HeyJules said...

Well, this is one time I HATe to be right. At least you went back to the doctor, thank goodness.

I'm so sorry you're having to go through this. Poison Ivy just so sucks! Let's be sure and have a chat with God about that particular decision when we get a chance, shall we?

groovyoldlady said...

The itch, I have had it. Heck I am allergic to the stinkin' sun (I have polymorphic light erruption, to be exact). Even a moderate exposure whilst wearing gallons of sunscreen (SPF 2,000) causes all exposed areas to break out in a horrible, ugly itchy rash for 10+ days.

You have ALL my sympathy, empathy, and telepathy!