Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Linkage That Just Makes Sense To Me

Whilst browsing through the blogs my way,
On a sunny, cool September day,
Some linkage I did find,
Which brought think-age to my mind,
So I thought I'd share the wealth then hit the hay....

is taking pictures again, this time of the Tour de France bikers as they ride through Parkville, Missouri. Let's just say they're easy on the ol' eyebones.

Singing Owl
is ranting about spiritual pablum for grown-up Christians and the lack of meat-and-potatoes food for the spiritual body on bookshelves today.

at OhMyStinkinHeck writes candidly about my life. Really. She's in the midst of trying to lose weight and is suffering the fate of living my EXACT SAME LIFE. Poor kid.

at Rocking Chair Reflections discusses virtual reality in a very direct, moving post. Amy Wilhoite, mother of 21-month-old Gary and wife of Brandon, lost her battle with leukemia this week, and Linds does a great job of showing us that we are all REAL.

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Scratchin' the Surface said...

Thanks for the links. I read Linds but havent ever heard of the others. Always enjoy some new blogs.